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Industry Statistics that Drive Us

Industry Statistics that Drive Us
  • 11% of a dealership’s revenue is generated by the service department
  • However, service department revenue accounts for almost 60% of the dealership’s profits.
  • Yet 51% of a dealership’s customers defect after the first service experience.
  • And 30% of the dealership’s service capacity goes unused.
  • No wonder 65% of dealers say that service retention is their #1 priority.
  • Finally, 94% of owners indicate that the service “experience” is more important than the repair itself.  

How Do We Do It?

How Do We Do It?
  • Xtime trained and SiteCast certified professionals -  in customer service, vehicle service

    and promotion program execution

  • Delivered via our 24/7/365 call center where we use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure proper coverage, “dealer-specific” greetings and adherence to each dealer’s policies, procedures, resource availability, etc.  
  • Integration with the dealership’s phone system
  • Integration with OEM and Xtime recall systems
  • Preferred access to Xtime for use on our customer’s behalf
  • Transparency that facilitates the dealer’s review of our handling of their customers
  • OEM  and industry insider information
  • #250 quick recall phone number service

SiteCast Xtime Call Center Solutions


SiteCast is focused on delivering services that help achieve two critical objectives for every dealership:

First, we seek to enhance the ownership experience for the buyer and
Secondly, we help the dealer maximize their service revenue and profit margins.

All of SiteCast’s services are targeted at 3 objectives:

  • delivering an outstanding service event to the owner
  • Making it possible for the SA’s to really focus on the owners who they are helping in the service lane – without interruption
  • And, overall optimizing the time and use of all service department personnel and capacity resources

Here are the “Owner-Centric” Services that help make it all happen:

  1. Dealerships are lean operations and often there isn’t a resource dedicated to quickly handling service calls.  Too often the time that the SA (make sure to get the correct terminology) should spend focused on the owners currently in the service lane gets interrupted for another service call.  This doesn’t provide an optimal experience for the in service lane customer, the customer calling or the SA.
  2. SiteCast’s Owner-Centric Service includes a 24/7/365 call center that handles all service departments calls quickly and efficiently.  We are always there for your owner – even in off business hours.  We can even arrange assistance for your owners if they have an off hour emergency.
  3. Industry statistics tell us that 50-60% of these calls are not about scheduling service, so those are transferred as needed by our Service agent.  However, the other 40-50% will have an excellent service appointment experience through dedicated appointment scheduling.
  4. “Owner Centric” Services includes proactive programs for safety recall appointment scheduling.  Our dealers find that this goes a long way toward both enhancing the ownership experience while adding revenue and profit to the service department’s contribution.
  5. We provide owners the option to receive automated “your vehicle is ready” alerts either via text or phone call.  Owners find this to be quite convenient and it reduces service department administrative overhead at the dealership.
  6. Our “By Invitation” Promotions & Rewards service allows SiteCast service representatives to follow up the dealership’s programs to encourage participation by the owners.  However, our experience is that too many promotional campaigns are ill targeted, not well executed and don’t produce substantial results.  Our “By Invitation” service is designed to make these promotions more effective while helping address another issue that plagues many dealerships….unused service capacity.
  7. The Capacity Optimization service utilizes the tools within Xtime to develop and launch promotions that also drive owners into those timeslots in which capacity is traditionally underutilized.  We analyze history to determine periods of excess capacity and utilize the “price/performance” optimization features within Xtime to help the dealer create promotions in much the same way that software like Priceline has been used for years by hotels, rental car companies and the airlines.  The results are promotions that receive a much higher “hit” rate and consume the otherwise unused capacity.
  8. Our Service Order Parts Management solution ensures your specialty ordered parts are scheduled in a timely manner and both your parts dept. and the customers are notified every step of the way.  This solutions gets quick results for the owner and helps streamline the cost of unused service parts that bloat your inventory.
  9. Our “Owner-Centric” Services can be configured to produce owner satisfaction surveys on any program basis that the dealership desires.  Whether a dealer wants to collect feedback on every customer visit, determine the effectiveness of a promotion or to solicit occasional feedback from randomly selected customers, SiteCast can configure and execute the surveys on behalf of the dealership.
  10. By simply dialing #250 it is easier than ever for your customers to schedule service.  Owners simply dial #150,  say your own unique key word or phrase or they can simply say "fix my car" and they will be transferred to one of our friendly & detail oriented scheduling agents.  #250 is perfect to further brand your dealership, track promotions or radio commercials.  #250 makes it easy for your owners to remember to keep coming back to the dealership for service!

While some of these services are available on an ala carte or ad hoc basis, it is important to know that all of the “Owner-Centric” Service activity is recorded in the dealer’s Xtime system for the dealer’s use and future reference.